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The Rudder Club of Jacksonville recently started a new concept called the “Werewolf Series" – a set of races that are held once per month during the Full Moon. Races are held on whatever day the Full Moon happens to fall on. Think of this series as a once a month “beer can” race! 


The Werewolf Series is meant to be a technically challenging night racing series, fostering spirited competition among cruising boats on the St. Johns River. The racing is simple, informal, fun, and only as serious as you want to make it.

Races are open to all cruising boats with a PHRF rating, from the Rudder Club and neighboring clubs, but you must be prepared for night sailing. This means you must have a working VHF radio, appropriate navigation lights, and safety equipment for after-sunset competition in all conditions. There are no exceptions.

Our last several races were picture-perfect evening races and very enjoyable.  We would like them all to be that way, but sometimes we will have our challenges. That’s where the “technically challenging” aspect of this race series comes into play.  The courses are simple, and we try not to over-complicate things. 



After you register, you will be given a start time, much like the days of staggered starts in the Mug Race. Each boat has a start time according to its handicap rating. You will start near the club between two buoys at your starting time. Take note of your starting time and make sure you start no sooner than your assigned time. The faster boats will be watching!


Slower boats start first. Fastest boat starts last. Finishes are generally close. First boat to finish wins. Your place at the finish is your place in that race. Since there is no Race Committee, communication by VHF radio is important for information as well as safety. For any questions, please contact our waterfront director at



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