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Membership Categories

  • CHARTER MEMBERS - Households including children up to the age of 18 living at home. Charter members are full owner-members of the clubs. You will have voting rights and responsibilities for running and maintaining the club. You may store boats on the grounds or on the dock (for a fee, of course). There is a $250 one-time initiation fee and monthly dues of $101.19 per month.

  • YOUNG ADULT MEMBERS - Single adults 18 years old up to the time of their 26th birthday. Young adults are not voting members, and these are single-person memberships. Young adult members may store boats on the grounds or the dock. 

  • NON-RESIDENT MEMBERS - Must reside outside a 50-mile radius of the club. Non-resident members are not voting members and can not storage a sailboat.

  • JUNIOR MEMBERS - Limited membership for young people up to the age of 18 who wish to participate in the twice-a-month junior sail activities held in the Spring and Fall. No storing a boat under this membership.

*Membership categories are defined by our bylaws. Charter and young adult members are expected to help in club events and help maintain the facility. Members in other categories are invited to help in some way, as best they can.

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