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Race Results - Saturday 09/15/2018

General Membership Meeting & Outback Steak Nite - Saturday 09/15/2018






Message from Dick Allsopp - 09/04/2018

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Registration for the 2018 Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta is just around the corner! If you have a youth sailor who is planning to race, make sure they are ready to register early to secure their spot. Registration opens:

9:00am EDT September 10th for Optimist RWB and Green Fleets

9:00am EDT September 11th for Lasers, Club 420s, and RS Fevas

Make sure they read the Guide for Registering on the Orange Bowl Regatta website to ensure a smooth registration process.


Please note: Each sailor planning to enter the race must have a US Sailing membership that is active through December 30, 2018, or their registration will not be processed. If the sailor's membership expires before December 30, they can renew their membership on the US Sailing website before registering: US Sailing Membership Renewal.


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Labor Day Regatta - Information for - 09/08/2018








Labor Day Regatta - One-Design Portion - 09/01/2018

Message from Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 08/29/2018

Dear Friends,

Join us this Friday night at the Rudder Club for an evening of food and friends, starting about 6 pm.

On Saturday and Sunday, the One-Design portion of our Labor Day Regatta takes place. You can find all the details and register at the following link:

After the racing on Saturday is a regatta dinner.

On Monday, the club calendar shows a Burn It.

With so much going on at the club this long weekend, I am sure there are plenty of places to lend a helping hand, so come on down and help make this a successful regatta.

See you this weekend,

Ben and Gia

Message from Rear Commodore - Tom Davis - 08/23/2018

An Article Concerning Docklines

Tom Davis - Rear Commodore







It is the responsibility of each boat owner who has a wet slip to ensure their boat is well tied up and secure. Remember, a poorly tied up boat is a hazard not only to itself but also to other boats and club property. Responsibility for adequate and sufficient number of docklines is the responsibility of the boat Owner.


Use 3-Strand Nylon Docklines!


Most of you know our marina is exposed to prevailing NE winds in the winter and spring months. It is best to orient your boat with the bow facing east. Docklines need to be adequately sized (more about that later), with key lines doubled for safety, and they need to provide adequate stretch. This is why 3-strand nylon docklines are best. In pursuit of dock lines that do not stiffen with age, some rope manufacturers have in recent years begun offering pre-spliced dock lines made from "stretchy" polyester. These may be good for large boats in protected marinas, but for tying your boat at the Rudder Club marina, you should skip right over all rope labeled polyester or Dacron or Kevlar or Spectra or any other fancy name. The right rope for dock lines is plain old nylon.


Nylon has three characteristics that make it ideal for dock lines. It is incredibly strong, it is very stretchy, and it is very good at resisting the harmful effects of sunlight.


The value of stretchiness may not be obvious. When your boat surges against a stiff, unyielding dock line, the load on the line goes from zero to the maximum at the instant the line comes taut. The likely consequence is a broken line or a broken cleat. Even if the rope is strong enough not to break, it is hammering cleats with every surge. Nylon doesn't come taut suddenly, but dissipates the load by stretching.


Three-strand nylon actually has another appealing characteristic that you will surely appreciate: it is less expensive than other lines. The only exception is polypropylene. DO NOT USE POLYPROPYLENE!


What about polypropylene?


Polypropylene rope is stiff, very slick, and usually bright color, but its most distinguishing characteristic is that it floats. You will be familiar with this rope if you water ski. Polypropylene has a relatively low breaking strength, the quality of the rope is notoriously erratic, and because it is so slick, it does not hold a splice. Nevertheless, some boat owners use polypropylene rope for dock lines, presumably because it is cheap. This is false economy. Polypropylene suffers

badly in sunlight, losing much of its strength in as little as a year. Leave polypropylene in the ski boat.


Braid or Three-Strand?


Nylon rope is available in both braided and three-strand twist construction. Each has its advantages.


Braided line looks "dressy." It has better abrasion resistance than three-strand, and typically it is slightly stronger. Braided line has a tendency to snag on rough pilings. The main advantages of three-strand nylon for dock lines are that it doesn't snag, it is easy to splice, and it is considerably less costly than braided rope. Three-strand rope also has the significant advantage of being more elastic than braid. As a practical choice for dock lines, three-strand nylon is unbeatable. How often is the best option also the least expensive?


What Size Docklines Do I Need?


Since larger diameter line takes longer to chafe through, a case might be made for selecting the largest diameter that will fit your cleats. But as the line diameter gets larger, it also becomes less elastic, which is not necessarily good. The line diameters shown in the chart below should deliver both sufficient strength and the beneficial effects of elasticity.



What length?


Each boat and each slip requires careful attention to dockline length. You can use your old lines or temporary lines as a guide. Tie you boat so the lines allow the boat to move up and down with the tide but not so loose that your boat rubs a dock or piling or possibly your neighbor’s boat! Be sure to make allowances for eye splices and then make up your new lines to those lengths. Nothing is more convenient than pulling into your slip and simply dropping eyes over your deck cleats. The swing from low to high tide at the Rudder Club is typically about a foot and usually never more than two feet. In recent years, the highest recorded tide at the Rudder Club dock was +3.46 feet on September 27, 2004. (We also lost most of our dock planking that day) The lowest recorded tide in recent years was -1.62 feet occurring on January 9, 2009. When tides get this extreme you have to visit your boat and adjust your lines!


A minimum dockline setup should include eight primary docklines, two for the port bow, two for the starboard bow, and two for each side of the stern. In addition, you need spring lines, the longer the better, to keep your boat from moving excessively, particularly to keep the bow or stern away from the main dock. Long spring lines serve to hold your boat in position but long enough to allow the boat to rise and fall relative to the dock as the tide changes.


Eye splice


All dock lines should have an eye splice in one end. For permanent dock lines, the eye will be in the boat end of the line, and it should be just large enough to fit over the horns of the boat's mooring cleats. A small eye will be unlikely to come loose, but for complete security you can feed the eye under an open-based cleat before looping it back over the horns.


A knot is a poor substitute for a proper splice. A bowline, for example, reduces the breaking strength of a line by about 40% while a splice retains 95% of the rope's strength.


Chafe protection


Dock line failures are almost always a result of chafe. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to rig dock lines so that they never rub against the dock or the boat. Protect your investment including the dock lines and your boat by sliding a foot or two of heavy-duty hose over each line and tying it in position to take the abrasion. This is also why the primary lines need to be doubled or even tripled. Waiting until your boat is bucking up and down in its slip in a blow is no time to start rigging up chafe protection.


What about Cleats?


You can have the best docklines ever made but still lose your boat. In the tropical storm of 2008 (the “no-name storm) two boats were badly damaged at our club resulting in one of them being totaled. The cause? The bolts holding the cleat on one of the boats failed. Typically, stainless bolts are used to fasten cleats to the deck. These bolts are austenitic stainless steel and are subject to stress corrosion cracking over a long period of time in a salt environment. If your boat is over 20 years old, the bolts holding your cleats to the deck are suspect. Stainless is nice and shiny until it cracks and fails. The jerking motion of the boat pulling on the dock pilings through the docklines is sufficient to break a cracked bolt. We have seen intact docklines with the cleats still tied to them, but the boat is somewhere else.




Most of you know the Rudder Club members are very helpful and willing to share their knowledge and experience. We help each other to develop as better sailors. An important part of being a good sailor is properly securing your boat. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or any other of our experienced club members.


Tom Davis

     Rear Commodore

Some Photos of the Dock Project nearing completion - Lifts are going in! - 08/23/2018

Message from Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 08/02/2018

Dear Friends,

Once again we can start the weekend with the Rudder Club Friday Night Social, with food, fun, and friends, starting about 6 pm.


Early Saturday morning, Tom Davis is heading up a work crew to continue installing the boat lifts.  If you want to help, they are starting at 7 am.


The rest of the Rudder club calendar is fairly clear this weekend, so come on down and splash a boat and enjoy some relaxed sailing.  Of course, the bar and the pool will also be open.


See you this weekend,

Ben and Gia


Pictures from the Moonlight Regatta - 07/28/2018

The Rudder Club of Jacksonville presents for your July 4th a TIKI party at the club and on the river.

The Tiki party will start around 1:00pm or earlier, with a burnit from 3 to 5pm or purchace burgers for $3.00 both with the fixins.

The floating dock will be moved about 10:00amout to the river just off the dock for the TIKI party where you can sail your boat, paddle board, kayak or what you have and raft up and consume your favorite beverage and socialize with your fellow club members. 

Please bring chairs and umbrellas for shade to the floating dock. Maybe there will be beverages for purchase on the floating dock.

Beer can races will start 6 - 630p or earlier depending on the weather.

Then watch the FIREWORKS from your raft up or the clubs docks.

Message from Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 06/27/2018

Dear Friends,

Thanks to everyone who made the Luau such a success. Claudia Riley, Scott Marques, and Lainey Poole worked especially hard to make a first class event. Several other unsung heroes pitched in and helped with whatever needed done.  Thank you.

At the General Membership meeting, it was decided that the Nominating Committee would consist of Jim Maedel, Scott Marques, and Dick Allsop.  At the Fall General Membership meeting they will present us with a list of nominees so we can vote on club Flag Officer leadership for 2019.

This Friday is our regular Friday night social hour, starting around 6 pm, with food, fun, and friends. 

On Saturday, the clubhouse is rented in the afternoon for a party.

On Sunday, Junior Sail is scheduled to start at 1 pm.  And as usual on Sunday afternoon, the bar is open and the pool is just a few short steps away. 

July 4th is on Wednesday and the big event at the Rudder Club will be the Tiki Island.  Basically, the floating dock will be moved out into the river and anchored.  

It will become the nucleus for rafting up and consuming whatever beverage you brought.  It can also serve as a mark (or mothership) for the Wednesday night Beer Can Race.  As the day turns into night, the Tiki Island can allow people a great vantage point to watch the many fireworks displays all around.

See you this weekend,
Ben and Gia

Message from Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 06/20/2018

Dear Friends,

Four boats raced in the Beer Can Race last night. The winds were light and shifty, but it was a good chance to get on the water. Wednesday, July 4th, is the next Beer Can Race.  This is the same night as the Tiki Party.  So come on out and race and then watch the fireworks from out on the water at the Tiki Island.

This Friday is our regular Friday night social hour, with food, fun, and friends, which can serve as a warm up for the Luau on Saturday. 
Claudia Riley has taken the helm to Skipper the Luau and it promises to be a great party.  Claudia could surely use some extra help if you have time on Saturday.  Scott Marques volunteered to bring his smoker again, and will be there early Saturday morning getting ready.  Last year, the incredible number of side dishes made this a gastronomic delight, so consider bringing a side dish and making a long afternoon of it. 
Then on Sunday, the bar is open in the afternoon and the pool is just a few short steps away.

See you this weekend,
Ben and Gia

Message from Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 06/21/2018

Dear Friends,

One more reason to join us at the Luau this Saturday is that we need at least 25 members to attend so that we can conduct a General Membership meeting and officially select the Nominating Committee.  Then the Nominating Committee can start beating the bushes to find the best available Flag Officer candidates for next year..

If you feel that we should get some fresh blood in the club leadership, then come make your mark on history by getting the Flag Officer selection process energized and moving forward.  If you want to serve on the nominating committee, let me know sometime Saturday (before the vote). 

See you this weekend,

Message from Rear Commodore - Tom Davis - 06/20/2018

I would like to get started on rebuilding two of our lifts and finishing work on a third lift this coming Saturday.  We don’t have parts yet but my goals on Saturday would be to accomplish the following:


SLIP #1 (Old Liberty Call lift)

1. Support the cradle using four heavy ratchet straps.  I have four.  We need four more.  If someone can bring four heavy ratchet straps that would be helpful.

2. Place boards on cradle to work as scaffolding.

3. Unspool the old cables

4. Measure rear support so we can replicate the starboard rear steel support that was destroyed.

5. Remove motors and wiring

6. Install new underwater conduit and power cable to south motor

7. Install new motor control switches


SLIP #13 (Old Corsair Trimaran lift)

1. Support the cradle using four heavy ratchet straps.  I have four. 

2. Place boards on cradle to work as scaffolding.

3. Unspool the old cables

4. Reconfigure the existing steel supports to support a keelboat

5. Remove center trimaran hull support

6. Remove motors and wiring

7. Remove north gear plate (damaged)

8. Install new underwater conduit and power cable to south motor

9. Install new motor control switches


SLIP #19 (Old Merit 25 lift)

1. Install new underwater conduit and power cable to south motor

2. Connect wiring to prepare lift for service

3. Remove old bunk boards and blocks


If we get this done, the three lifts will be ready for installation of motors, wiring, bunk boards, etc. the following weekend.  That would give us three lifts ready for occupancy.


Please let me know if you are available.  I plan to work all day Saturday.


Tom Davis

(904) 234-7407

Rudder Club Annual Luau - Saturday - 06/23/2018

Message from Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 06/13/2018

Dear Friends,

Kicking off events at the Rudder Club this weekend is our regular Friday night social hour, with food, fun, and friends. 
Then on Saturday and Sunday, the bar is open in the afternoon and the pool is just a few short steps away.  Maybe we can also get a few boats out this weekend for some impromptu sailing.

On Monday, Summer Sail Camp for the kids starts and runs through the 27th of July
Thanks to everyone who came out last weekend and participated in the first Beer Can Races of the summer.  We are moving the rest of the Beer Can races to Wednesday nights, with the race start at 6:30 pm.  So, beginning June 20, come out and race on the first and third Wednesday nights of each month this summer.

Last night we held the monthly Rudder Club Board of Governors meeting.  As usual the major topic was the dock, but the good news is that the contractor should be back on the job in a couple of days and has promised to stay for awhile.

Currently, we do not have a Skipper or Crew for the Luau.  With June 23rd fast approaching, we are entering desperation mode.  Last year's Luau was a memorable party, so if you want to help with a fun event let me know and we can get things rolling.

See you this weekend,
Ben and Gia

Message from Richard Allsopp - 06/14/2018


I thought you would like to know the Beer Cans, as a result of the input of many of you, have been moved to Wednesday nights.  

Start will be at 1830 with an informal non-mandatory competitors meeting at 1730.  

See attached change 1 to the NOR.  If you are going to race I do need a filled out registration form.


Beer Can Races 2018
The Rudder Club of Jacksonville
8533 Malaga Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32244
Change 1
1.1 This series will be governed by the rules as
defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing
1.2 This NOR applies for all races in the
Rudder Club Beer Can series for the year
1.3 The Beer Can Series is an informal series
of races designed to bring sailors to the
race course that might not otherwise race.
Although it is informal the RRS still apply.
1.4 The name of this series in no way shall be
construed as encouraging the drinking of
alcoholic beverages during the race or
operating any boat or piece of equipment
while exceeding the alcohol blood level as
prescribed by Florida law.
2. ADVERTISING: Advertising shall not be
3.1. The races are open to all boats of all
3.2. Eligible boats may enter the series by
completing the attached entry form. This
entry form is for a boat and a person in
charge. If either the boat or the person in
charge changes a new entry form is
3.3. There will be no formal classes.
3.4. There are no fees.
3.5. Crew member names shall be updated
prior to each race.
4. SCHEDULE: Beer Can Races will be held on
Wednesdays, 20 June, 4 and 18 July, and 1
and 15 August of 2018. Target start time will
be 1830 (6:30 PM). Additional races may be
added to accommodate favorable weather and
member schedules. There will be an informal
competitors’ meeting each race day at 1530.
Instructions will be posted on the Rudder Club
Official Notice Board on the north exterior wall
of the club.
6 VENUE: The racing area will be in the St.
Johns River between the Buckman Bridge to
the South and the Fuller Warren Bridge to the
7 COURSE: A Gate (Rabbit) Start will be used.
The Gate Boat for the first and subsequent
races will be as set forth in the sailing
8.1 A boat’s total score for the day’s racing will be
the sum of her scores for all races on that day.
One race is necessary to constitute a daily
8.2 Scoring will be in accordance with the Time on
Time Portsmouth System unless all entries are
of a single class; then fleet scoring is in effect.
8.3 A list of Portsmouth ratings for all anticipated
contenders will be maintained on the Club
bulletin board by the Race Office. Boats not
listed may obtain a rating by contacting the
race office as per further information below.
8.4 Each boat will take their own finish time and
compute corrected time based on the following
formula. Corrected time equals the boat’s
elapsed time times 100 and then divided by the
Portsmouth rating. Elapsed time must be
converted into hours, minutes and seconds. A
guide will be posted to assist in this
competitors will be posted on the Official
Bulletin Board located on the Rudder Club’s
North exterior wall.
10. PRIZES: There are no prizes. All awards are
11. Disclaimer of Liability: Sailing is an activity
that has an inherent risk of damage and injury.
There are no rescue boats or committee boats
for this series. Competitors in this series are
participating entirely at their own risk and must
take into consideration the absence safety
boats. See RRS 4, Decision to Race.
Completion and submission of a registration
form for these races constitute an acceptance
of an agreement to abide by the Racing Rules
of Sailing, this Race Notice and the Sailing
Instructions. The Rudder Club will not accept
any liability for material damage or personal
injury or death sustained in conjunction with or
prior to, during or after these races.
information contact Dick Allsopp: 904-314-
5237 or the
Rudder Club, 8533 Malaga Ave., Jacksonville
FL 32244, 904-264-4094,
The Rudder Club of Jacksonville, Inc.
8533 Malaga Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32244
Beer Can Races
Date _____________________________
Person in Charge _______________________
(See RRS 46)
Address _______________________________
City/State/Zip __________________________
Telephone _____________________________
Cell Phone _____________________________
E-mail Address _________________________
Emergency Contact:
Name __________________________________
Address ________________________________
City/St/Zip ______________________________
Telephone _______________________________
Yacht Club Affiliation ____________________
Boat Name _______________________________
Sail Number
Boat Make/Model
MMSI If installed __________________________
One Design Class: _________________________
Note: NAPY = North American Portsmouth
NAPY Class:______________________________
NAPY Code: _____________________________
For help contact the Race Office at or 904-314-5237
Crew Names:
Agreement and Statement of Understanding
I understand that sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury and that my decision to race in these events
is entirely at my own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. Prior to racing I will have obtained a signed release from each member of my
crew. I further agree to abide by the rules, regulations and sailing instructions of the Series Races, the ISAF and the United States
Sailing Association. I certify that I am the "person in charge" of this boat in accordance with RRS 46.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby waive any rights I may have to sue the race organizers (organizing authority, race
committee, protest committee, host club, sponsors, or any other organization or official) involved with the event with respect to
personal injury or property damage suffered by myself or my crew as a result of our participation in this event and hereby release the
race organizers from any liability for such injury or damage.
NOTE: Minors must present a copy of this form counter-signed by a parent or guardian before being allowed to race. “
Signature Person in Charge_____________________________________Date___________________
Parent/Guardian's Signature___________________________________ Date __________________
if person in charge is a minor

Message from Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 06/06/2018

Dear Friends,

Another weekend is headed our way.  

Starting off events at the Rudder Club this weekend is our regular Friday night social hour, with food, fun, and friends. 


Then on Saturday afternoon, come on out and hone your boat handling skills in the Beer Can races.

Also, the June Adult Sail classes start this weekend.


Thanks to everyone who made last weekend such a success.  

Lots of club boats were out on the water helping members of the River Keepers and the Jewish Community Alliance enjoy the water.


Keep June 23rd cleared on your calendar for the annual Luau.  

If it is anything like last year, then this is the one party you for sure want to enjoy.


See you this weekend,

Ben and Gia

Message from Richard Allsopp - 06/06/2018

One of the really fun sailing traditions that I have seen gradually decline on the River is the Beer Can Series.  

The name which does not imply alcohol is used by clubs all over the US for informal races held in many areas on Wednesday evening.  As the work ethic has changed many events such as ours have moved to a weekend day.  

The Beer Cans I remember in the 70’s both here and in Wickford Rhode Island where I had previously raced largely involved cruiser class boats as they do in San Diego where I have raced occasionally over the past several years.  

As it is now we have mostly dinghy and small multihull  participants but would welcome some cruiser action.  

Boats take their own finish times which convert very easily to corrected time using the Portsmouth System.


I would urge everyone where possible to come out and enjoy this time honored event.  

There are no Club requirements, class requirements, skippers meetings or entry fees.  

We do use a starting system commonly used in these events called the gate or rabbit start.  

All you have to do is start somewhere downwind of a designated gate boat. 

It is a great opportunity to have a casual sail or tune your boat for the coming fall races.  

Give it some thought.  All types mono-hulls and multihulls are welcome.


For more info contact Dick Allsopp at or 904-314-5237.


It was brought to my attention that the copy of the Notice of Race that I sent you did not have the registration form attached.  

I have also attached the Sailing Instructions which can be a little daunting so don’t bother with them unless you are really interested and have some experience reading them.  Leif, thank you for calling  the omission to my attention. 

see for info
register in advance online!

Message from Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 05/30/2018

Dear Friends,

Big things are happening at the Rudder Club this weekend.  

First of all is our regular Friday night social hour, with food, fun, and friends. This will be a good time to coordinate the sailing activities on Saturday and Sunday. 


On Saturday from 2pm to 6pm, the River Keepers will have about 50 people at our Club. 

On Sunday from 2pm to 5pm, the Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) will have about 20 people at our Club.  

We could use Rudder Club sailors to help take them out on the water and introduce them to the sport of sailing.  

We will have the four club Flying Scots and Rich Brew's boat KAOS in the water to give them rides.  Anybody else that would like to splash a boat would be very welcome. 

 Keep June 23rd cleared on your calendar for the annual Luau.  If it is anything like last year, then this is the one party you for sure want to enjoy. 

 See you this weekend, 

Ben and Gia

Some Pictures of "A" Dock and "Main" Dock finished - Now lifts and finger docks can go in!

Laser Sailing last Saturday

Message from Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 05/23/2018

Dear Friends,

It is almost time to meet again for a Rudder Club Friday Night.  Join us on Friday for an evening of food, fun, and friends, with a bit of sailing talk thrown in for good measure.

This is a great weekend to get out and sail.  Especially with Memorial Day on Monday, giving us an extra day to sail.
In order to reduce confusion, here is the latest change to the Club calendar.  The Tiki Party has been moved to a later date, either on the actual 4th of July, or later in July or August.  

More to follow on the Tiki Party.  The most immediate change is that the annual Luau, combined with a general membership meeting, will be on June 23.  So, dust off your hula hoops and your island attire and join us on June 23rd for Hawaii in Florida.  Which is a good thing since the real Hawaii is getting vulcanized. 

See you this weekend,
Ben and Gia

William Boudreaux - West Marine Event - Saturday 05/21/2018

We really appreciate you coming out and talking about youth sailing and adult sailing programs in the store at West Marine. Looking forward to doing more events and you all are always welcome.


Thank you,

William Boudreaux

William Boudreaux
Sales Manager/West Marine Pro Specialist
Jacksonville FL 32246
(904) 520-4650

Message From Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 05/17/2018

Dear Friends,

Even though the weather may be cool and rainy, the food, fun and, friends at the Rudder Club will be in full swing for our regular Friday night with food and drinks.
Last Friday night, Larry Wagner  gave an excellent explanation of one of the Racing Rules. Friday nights are a good time to share the knowledge that will make us better sailors, so

if you would like to present something valuable to the group, then let's talk and get you scheduled. 
Saturday in West Marine at Town Center, Willie Boudreaux is setting up a sailboat to help reach out to potential new members.  Rich and Kim Brew are working the event for a few hours, and Gia and I will be there some of the other hours.  If you would like to get involved, let Rich know when you could be there.  West Marine is open from 9am to 7pm on Saturday

Not sure what the weather will be like this weekend, but maybe we can get some sailing in.  Last weekend, we held an impromptu set of Laser Races and got to enjoy the fresh breeze.

See you this weekend,
Ben and Gia 

William Boudreaux - West Marine Event - Saturday 05/19/2018

May 19th I'm having a huge event at West Marine at the st. Johns Town Center. 

I would love for the rudder Club to set up a table in order to promote memberships / Junior sale slash adult sailing lessons. 

I would love to have somebody come out there set up a table set up a sailboat have a seminar on parts of the boat and knot for the kids while also handing out brochures and membership information. 

If you guys would like to come the weekends before The Mug Race to promote the Mug Race we would love to have you guys set up a table and a sailboat if you would like at the store and promote Mug Race festivities. 

Let me know what you guys would like to do I would love to work with you and together as a team in order to promote this wonderful race. Please send an email blast about the information and we would like to join you. 


Thank you, William Boudreaux

William Boudreaux
Sales Manager/West Marine Pro Specialist
Jacksonville FL 32246
(904) 520-4650

Pictures from Tom Davis - 05/13/2018

Attached are photos of the boat lifts that were received at Holland Marine
and the beautiful job that Holland Marine did on the Blue Skandia.  Please
find some room in the Telltales for these.

Tom Davis

Message From Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 05/10/2018

Dear Friends,

A big thanks goes out to all the people who made the Mug Race such a success. The organizers, the supporters, and the competitors all pulled together to make the 65th Mug Race an incredible event.

With that said, it is time to enjoy the weekend on a lesser note. Friday night is our regular food and drink Social Hour with a new twist.  We are bringing back Movie Night, but before the movie rolls, Larry Wagner will give a real life illustration of a Racing Rule in action.  After the rules presentation, we will roll the movie Captain Ron for some light hearted celebration of the seafaring life.

Saturday is the beginning of the May Adult Sail class and there are still some open spots available, in case you have any non-sailing friends. 
Also on Saturday, from noon to 4pm, is the Mug Appreciation BBQ.  This is a great time to get patted on the back, to pat someone else on the back, or talk about next year's Mug Race.

Finally, Sunday seems like a good day to just say "the hell with it all" and go sailing. 

See you this weekend,
Ben and Gia 

65th Annual Mug Race - Saturday May 5, 2018

65th Annual Mug Race - Saturday May 6, 2018 - Breakfast

Message From Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 05/02/2018

What more can I say?

The World's Greatest Mug Race is upon us and it is now time to man our battle stations. Thursday night from at 6 pm is the Halfway Party at the Green Cove Springs Marina.

Friday from 4 to 6 pm is Late Registration at the Crystal Cove Marina Tiki Bar.  

Then at 7:15 pm is the Skipper's Meeting at the same Tiki Bar. 

Sixty-two competitors have registered so far, but if that does not include you, 

you can still register online at Regatta Network:

All day Friday at the Rudder Club will be boat trailer drop-off and shuttle buses to Crystal Cove Marina / Palatka. 

Friday night at the Rudder Club will be a Happy Hour for anyone still in the Jacksonville area. 

Saturday is the main event, with breakfast from 6 to 7:30 am at Crystal Cove Marina.  Then get your game face on because the Warning Signal is at 7:55 am.  

Festivities at the Rudder Club start mid-afternoon and ramp up as sailors arrive.

Sunday at the Rudder Club is breakfast from 8 to 10 am, with the trophy presentation at 10:30 am.

Good Luck to all the competitors.  I hear there will be some stiff rivalries between certain boats. 

Thank you to all the people who have stepped forward to make this a great event.

See you this weekend,
Ben and Gia 

Update - 05/01/2018 - Floating Dock Walkway

Mug Race - 2018 - Preparation

It is almost Mug Race Time!

The Rudder Club of Jacksonville is preparing to “WOW” you at the 65th Annual Mug Race. Last year we improved your sailing apparel shopping with the on site Coral Reef store. We also provided transportation of the catamaran cat trax from Palatka to the Rudder Club. This year we are moving the starting line approximately 3 miles north, east of Crystal Cove Marina, still in Palatka.

    All starting activities will be at Crystal Cove – parking, launching, docking, hotel rooms, late registration, skippers meeting, restaurant, cash bar, entertainment and shuttle bus service to the Rudder Club.  The restaurant at Crystal Cove Marina is offering a special smoked BBQ buffet dinner for $15 on Friday night before the competitors meeting and a breakfast sandwich with coffee for $5 before race time.Mention the Mug race when reserving a room at  Crystal Cove Resort 384-325-1055 for the $64 group rate. The  preregistration party at the RC will be April 21- pick up your packets and get in on the last day of early registration rates.  As in the past, the end of race party Saturday night, the “fantastic” Sunday breakfast, and trophy presentation will be at the Rudder Club. 

    Coral Reef Apparel will be at all 3 sites for all your apparel needs.  They will have Mug t-shirts, tech shirts, hats, and  name brands like Gill and other sailing apparel. Remember the free BBQ dinner at the halfway party compliments of  Bob Shannon and Green Cove Marina on Thursday, May 3rd.    Challenge all your friends with sailboats! Join us by logging on to the Rudder Club's web site,, and select the Mug Race link on the right side of the main page.  Registration is now open on the Regatta Network. Please buy your meal tickets on the storefront link so we can better serve you,  

 I hope to see you at this year's Mug Race - Larry Wagner - Chairman of the 65th Mug Race

Message from Stephanie Dudley

The Rudder Club has a new Instagram account

Here’s the link:

Message from Donna Mohr - 4/28/2018

There were so many people working today we accomplished far more than I had really thought possible. I begin to believe we will be ready for Mug Race! I fear that I will miss some names, but here is my best shot at who was there.

Connie Wagner, Tyler Wagner, Larry Wagner, Lisa Kelly, Frank Benedetto, Phil Jones, Ray Smith, Mike Warnock, Tom Holland, Jon Hamilton, Donna Mohr, Oscar Delatorre, Kim Brew, Rich Brew, Vince Gubbini, Dave Backus, Tom Davis, Tom Holland, Kari Holland, Ben Kuykendall, Gia Kuykendall, Gregg McGilloway, Barbara Pipkin, Jim Sexton, Scott Marques, Chris Cordes, Chris Gruel, Wayne Beck.

During this past week, Bill Frazier, Scott Sundie, Chris Gruel, and Oscar Delatorre have busted their backs building catwalk.

What a lot we've accomplished not just this weekend, but when you add up all the weekend since the storm, my goodness!

Main Dock Catwalk Initiative - Saturday 4/28/2018

Before Picture - Old catwalk attached to old pilings

Old catwalk attached to old pilings

After Picture Gallery

Main Dock Catwalk Initiative - Saturday 4/14/2018

Message from Rick Mannoia

Saturday April 7; Rudder Club Meet-Up


Saturday saw the latest joint meeting of the Sailors Haven Meet-Up and the Jacksonville Acoustic Guitar Group. We met again at the Rudder Club and played in the Big Room. Wow, what a great event!

Thanks Rudder Club!

All-in-All we had about 15 musicians; guitars, harmonica, keyboard, bass and ukulele. The only thing missing was Rudder Club member, Mike Kelly on his fiddle. Mike is still recovering from surgery, but we expect him back with the group soon.

After a rigorous work day, Rudder Club members were treated to a unique musical extravaganza. The stage was set, microphones were hot and the music was eclectic. Most importantly, it gave the Sailors Haven group an opportunity to visit the Rudder Club and experience what it is like to be a club member.

Thanks to these efforts, Sailors Haven member Anita signed on to take our Adult Sailing Classes. Good choice Anita!

Lastly Oscar made the best Cuban sandwiches this side of Havana. Thanks to Carl Hoffman for all his help in the kitchen and making this event a success.

Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 4/11/2018

Dear Friends,

Friday night is headed our way one more time, so meet us at the Rudder Club this Friday to celebrate the end of another week and enjoy the company of your fellow sailors.

The Board of Governors met Tuesday night.  Stephanie Dudley, our new Office Manager, attended and introduced herself.  The dock was a major point of discussion and the latest news is that 5 new boat lifts will be delivered just after the Mug Race.  Larry Wagner briefed us on the Mug Race preparations and things seem to be coming together quite well this year.  With the Mug Race only 3 weeks away, there is plenty to do to whip things into shape.  We will be tweaking our current dock to make things safer and easier for the finishers.  Crystal Cove Marina has some additional motel rooms available now, so more sailors can stay there by the starting line.  Of course, putting more sailors in one area means the party will be bigger, so reserve your room to get in on all the fun.  Anyway, the Board Meeting was an uplifting event to see all the energy that board members put into making things better for us all.

    This Saturday is the beginning of another Adult Sail class.  Our Adult Sail program is open to anyone who wants to learn to sail and is a good way to get wanna-be sailors into gear and introduce them to a life-long sport.  Also on Saturday, some people will be working on the ramp to the floating dock and building a catwalk along the main dock near the hoist.

Sunday is a good day to go sailing, especially if you are wanting to get some tiller time before the Mug Race

See you this weekend,
Ben and Gia 

Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 4/04/2018

Dear Friends,

Friday night at the Rudder Club is fast approaching. This Friday, in addition to our regular food and drinks, we will have a special presentation from the Sales Manager of the second-largest West Marine store in the world - our very own Will Boudreaux, who tell us about West Marine's new Price Match Policy. Saving money at West Marine sounds like the Holy Grail for sailors.

Saturday is another turbo-charged work day, and as a sign of the times, this work day is equal opportunity, in that everyone who shows up will have an equal chance to share in the camaraderie and Git-R-Done attitude that propels our projects. Then, starting at 4 pm on Saturday afternoon, the Jacksonville Acoustic Guitar group will start playing in our main ballroom, so stick around and enjoy homemade music at its best.
Junior Sail Class will held on Sunday, starting at 1 pm.

Stephanie Dudley is taking the reins as our new Office Manager as Cheryl transitions out, so be sure to wish them the best as they each start a new chapter.
Our next Adult Sail class starts April 14 and is open to anyone who wants to learn to sail.  Adult Sail classes are a good way to get wanna-be sailors into gear and introduce them to a life-long sport.

As we enter the mad scramble before the Mug Race, if anyone is Needing Crew or Wanting to Crew, the Mug Race page on our website has a link to the Crew Bulletin Board.

See you this weekend,

Ben and Gia 

Mug Race Dinner helpers needed

Nancy Cavallaro and  Lisa Kelly need your help.

Prepping Friday May 4th
Prepping and Serving Saturday May 5

Send your availability and contact info to

Update on Junior Sail in April 2018

Shannon Brew is resurrecting the Junior Sailing Program. The next Junior Sail Day will be Sunday 8 April 2018 at 1 pm.

Shannon Brew, Program Director and US Sailing Instructor. Shannon's sail teaching includes work with The Rudder Club of Jacksonville, Epping Forest Yacht Club, The Sailboat Club, and Sail Queens Harbour. Shannon is also an avid racer participating in may local events including the annual Mug race.

Mug Race debit/credit form

Do you have a dry-stored boat at the Club? If you are not racing it in Mug Race, we would appreciate it if you would move the boat off the grounds during the race. 

You would receive a $10 per month credit on your fees for 6 months! For more details, see this letter.

April 1, 2018

Re: Mug Race and dry storage discounts

Dear Rudder Club Member:

As you know, the 65th Annual Mug Race is right around the corner. We are offering $10
off dry storage dues for six months to anyone who removes their dry-stored boat on or
before Wednesday afternoon, May 2nd, 2018 and does not return their boat or trailer until
Sunday afternoon, May 6th, 2018.

If, however, you do not remove your dry-stored boat and/or trailer, your account will be
debited an additional $10.00 per month for the six-month period. If your dry-stored
boat is registered to compete in the Mug race, you are exempt from the additional
charge, but you will not receive a discount unless you keep both boat and trailer off the
grounds till Sunday afternoon.

This credit is given as an incentive to non-racers to undergo the inconvenience of moving
their boat. Their cooperation makes the race possible. Please do not apply for the
discount if your boat does not comply with the restriction on returning before Sunday

No credit will be made to those tenants who maintain their leased space, or do not
complete the information below. In order to receive this credit you must complete and
return this form on or before Wednesday, May 2, 2018.

Please note, credit will reflect on billing beginning July 1, 2018 thru December 31, 2018.
If you should have any questions or require additional information regarding the above,
please do not hesitate to call.

__________________________ _____________ _______________
Member’s name (please print) - Dry storage #(s) - Type of Boat
________________________ _______________
Signature - Date boat removed

Donna Mohr, Treasurer

Important Message about Boat Rentals (Let's protect ourselves and the Club)

It's easy to get so excited about going sailing in that perfect breeze that you throw a club boat in the water without remembering to turn in a rental form.

 We understand, but not only is the form our billing mechanism it is our liability waiver. You need to turn it in BEFORE you leave. There are forms on a shelf in the race shed. You can turn the forms in by pushing them through the mail slot in the north wall of the office, if the office and bar are shut.

Here is a list of all the boat rentals we have records for this year. If you know you took a boat out and your name/date isn't down, then make amends by sending an email to stating the approximate date and asking to have the appropriate charge added to your account. And remember, you need to ask a club officer to check you out on the procedures before you take out a boat for the first time.

1/6/2018 Sundie
2/4/2018 Kuykendall
2/11/2018 Frazier
2/16/2018 Gruel
2/18/2018 Kuykendall
2/24/2018 Delatorre
3/4/2018 OGrady
3/4/2018 Scott
3/10/2018 Delatorre (2 days)
3/11/2018 Kuykendall (2 days)
3/12/2018 Riehl
3/17/2018 OGrady
3/28/2018 DelaTorre
4/4/2018 Kautsky

Thanks so much for renting the club boats, we hope we can always accommodate anyone who wants to sail, this is why we are here!

Workday April 7, 2018



    Move remaining boats back into their spots (follow-up to tree trimming)
    Clean sign at gate, cut back coontie palms that cover it
    Pressure wash sidewalk behind clubhouse leading to bathrooms
    Pick up sticks, debris behind S wall of clubhouse, cut up limbs that are stacked behind dumpster into small pieces, take to construction dumpster on lower level
    Hang marks up in the race shed


•    Move big floating dock out further.  Install 5-rung ladder to reach.
•    Install new 7-rung ladders on dock – see Donna for fasteners
•    Rig permanent connection of aluminum ramp to shoreline. (This is the ramp that goes to the floating dock.)
•    Cut off left-hand side handrail of aluminum ramp (side next to concrete ramp)
•    Cut or unbolt loose material and cross-bracing under old dock where new catwalk will go, take debris to dumpster.
•    Check electrical circuit that serves receptacle in parking lot (GFI keeps shorting)
•    Take generator to lower level/ boat storage area and use it to test lights on wooden and metal pole


•    Correct or re-do electrical connection to wall outlets in bar
•    Wipe down wooden shelves in pantry where paper goods are stored
•    Wipe down refrigerator in pantry, discard expired food
•    Install weather-stripping on front door into bar (weather-stripping on table in bar)

World War 2 Memorial Boat Volunteers

Hello Cheryl!

I hope you are doing well and so is the Rudder Club!

I am assistant director of a Military Memorial event on April 10th. The event starts at 6PM and is dedicated to 19 servicemen that lost their lives in 1942 off of the Jacksonville Beach Shoreline due to a Nazi U-boat attacking the USS Gulf America. The event is hosted at the Sea Walk pavilion at Jacksonville beach, and the mayor of Jacksonville Beach will be attending!
We need a volunteer boat to be off the shoreline to launch flares at the end of the ceremony. Please let me know if anyone would like to assist in this event. The boats will not be needed until 7PM with the Flare launching happening at 7:45PM- 8PM.
I'm sure we can negotiate if the volunteers would like anything!
Please contact me at this email or my phone (904)-868-8851 or Jennifer Price at or her phone is (904-502-9385)

Thank you,
David Lu

Largest Fleet of Mutineers in the Country
Tampa Sailing Squadron is selling off some of their mutts to benefit youth sailing

Hey Cheryl, 

A lot of members have admired my Chrysler Mutineer.  Tampa Sailing Squadron, where I grew up, has the largest fleet of Mutineers in the country and recently hosted the national championship.  I suspect they'll be hosting a lot more big races like this in the future.  They will be selling off some of their mutts to benefit youth sailing and I was hoping we might be able to share this with the members?  It'd be great to get a nice little contingent of mutts up at the Rudder Club :)

Angela Mann <> 

If you would like to Advertise your business:


On or before April 9.


 1/2 500.00 425.00
 1/4 300.00 255.00
 Full 150.00 128.00
 Business Card 90.00 75.00

Office Manager - Cheryl Feeney

Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 3/28/2018

Dear Friends,

Another Friday night at the Rudder Club is headed our way. It will be hard to beat the blow-out we had last weekend, but come on down and enjoy food and drinks with the Rudder Club Family. If it gets out of control, that is okay because Sunday is Easter and some of us could use a good story as we plead for redemption.
The Work Day last Saturday saw a lot accomplished and a big thanks goes out to the members who jumped in and helped.  As a member-owned club, every bit of work we put in makes the club that much better.

Our next Adult Sail class starts April 14 and is open to anyone who wants to learn to sail. Adult Sail classes are a good way to get wanna-be sailors into gear and introduce them to a life-long sport. 

As we enter the mad scramble before the Mug Race, if anyone is Needing Crew or Wanting to Crew, the Mug Race page on our website has a link to the Crew Bulletin Board.

Who is up for sailing on Easter Sunday? I heard that the Good Lord does not subtract from the allotted time that which is spent under sail.

See you this weekend,
Ben and Gia 

Dock Project Update – 26 March 2018

Tom Davis – Rear Commodore

We reached a major milestone in our dock reconstruction in the first few days of March.  On March 5, 2018 the main pier of our dock, all 545 feet of it, was completed. We still have some punch list items yet to complete but they are not critical to getting our marina back in operation. We will come back to the punch list items after the Phase 2 of dock reconstruction is complete. Punch list items include additional cross bracing and more demolition of old piles that are outside the “shadow” of our main pier. The yellow highlighted portion shown in the figure below is now complete. 

We made final payment and secured a lien waiver from our dock contractor, Paradise Marine Construction for Phase 1.  Considering the time consuming demolition that had to be done, we did quite well on budget.  The original estimate for the main pier was approximately $100K.  Even with all the additional demolition work the final cost was approximately $106K, only 6% over budget.  That is quite good when you consider all the unknowns we faced.

On February 2, 2018 we signed a contract with Hazouri Electric to provide the power feed, power distribution panels, subpanels, and water piping for our docks.  Hazouri has already ordered and delivered the materials and has started work to repower the lower grounds and dock.  We will have permanent power at the foot of the dock and boat hoist well before the Mug Race.  All of the new wiring will be marine grade, far superior to the old dock electrical system.  

A key aspect that is a major improvement is that there will be no junction boxes, a lot of flexible conduit is used, and even if there is some dock structural damage in a future storm, the electrical system will remain intact.  The locations of subpanels will be optimized to minimize the length of the electrical circuits from the breaker panel to individual slips.  With no dock level junction boxes, the wiring connections will all be well above any flood level, keeping critical connections out of the river.  Once completed, our electrical and water supplies on the dock will be first class.  Total cost for power and water will be approximately $50K.  Rudder Club will self-perform the electrical branch wiring from the subpanels to individual boat lifts and receptacles this summer.

Following is a diagram of the onshore portion of the electrical scope:

Now we have the big question:  “When are we going to get access to our boats?” On March 5, 2018, the same day that we closed out work on the main pier, we signed another contract with Paradise Marine Construction to rebuild the inside dock.  We call this the “A” Dock.  “A” Dock is looking a bit rough after the storm:

On March 5, 2018, The Rudder Club signed a contract with Paradise Marine Construction for Phase 2 of the Dock Project that includes the inside finger pier “A” Dock piling, structure, decking, catwalks to individual boats, and 20 new piling for five (5) new boat lifts, and 12 new piling to restore the mooring poles for the west wet slips.  This would make the east side of “A” Dock 100% wet slips with boat lifts.  Total price is approximately $75K excluding demolition work.  Rudder Club will provide the hardware (bolts, straps, and nails).  Work has already begun and the dock contractor is starting demolition of the “A” Dock.  You can see the new piling next time you come by the club.  

Our goal is to be complete by end of May. To complete the “A” Dock and maximize its usefulness, the club purchased five new boat lifts last week.  Total cost just under $20K.  This is for the boat lifts, motors, and controls.  The dock contractor will set the lifts and Rudder Club will self-perform the power wiring, bunk support steel, and bunks.  

I will be calling on members to help on our work crew late spring as we install and commission the new lifts as well as the rebuilding of our damaged lifts. There is a lot of work ahead of us but we will soon be rewarded with a nice new marina facility.  

More updates to follow in the weeks ahead.

Saturday - 03/24/2018 - Member Work Day

Very successful workday this Saturday, thanks to great turnout. 

Pretty much everything got done (except the curious case of the electrical in the bar is still unsolved). Plus some unscheduled things got done, like trophies polished and gravel dumped in holes at the ramp. 

Donna Mohr, Phil Jones, Frank Benedetto, Mike and Lisa Kelly, Oscar de la Torre, Jon Hamilton, David Fleming, Scott Marques, Jim Sexton, Ben and Gia Kuykendall, Lowell and Dee Stephens, Laura Backus, Stephanie Dudley, Gregg McGilloway, Del Eury, Larry and Connie Wagner, Tom Holland, Chris Gruel.  


Special thanks to Wayne Beck, who loaded the trash overflow onto a trailer and took it to the dump. (More on our beef with Advanced Disposal elsewhere.) 

Next workday is April 7! 

Davie's Birthday Party Pictures - 03/23/2018

Rudder Club Bar Restoration Project is complete!

Much appreciation to all the members who contributed

Project Leaders - Warren Keene, Scott Marques, Kim Brew and Donna Mohr

Here is the list of all the primary contributors to the Rudder Club Bar Restoration Project:

Warren Keene (donated all the tile and a month or more of his time!), Scott Marques (our club's master carpenter, donated a month or more of his time!), T J Brown, Kim Brew, Rich Brew, Colleen Brew, Blake Lemen, Shannon Brew, Paul Williams, Oscar de la Torre, Kari Holland, Tom Holland, Jon Hamilton, Donna Mohr, Zack O'Grady, Paul DiCandia, Gia Kuykendall, Ken Kessler, Chris Cordes, Wayne Beck, Jim Sexton, Bill Frazier

Fantastic job everyone - Thanks to everyone involved!

Rudder Club - Old Bar
Rudder Club - New Bar

Mug Race - Crew Wanted - Want to Crew - 03/26/2018

There is a Crew section on the Regatta Network:

The Mug Race also has its own Facebook Page (on the Mug Race page as well) 

Friday night - 3/23/2018 - Davie Boland's 80th Birthday!

Mr. David Boland cordially invites you to attend his 80th Birthday celebration at 6:00 P.M. on Friday the 23rd.

Food, soft drinks and cake. Cash bar. If you would like to sing or play an instrument I’m sure he would enjoy that - Sea you at the party.

Cheryl Feeney, Office Manager Rudder Club of Jacksonville

Cool Decking going in on the new Pool - Thanks Vince Gubbini

Shannon Brew is resurrecting the Junior Sailing Program. The next Junior Sail Day will be Sunday 8 April 2018 at 1 pm.

Upcoming work days


Tools needed: sawsalls, pressure washers, work gloves

Indoors Clean all ceiling fans (inside and on porch) Check all lights, replace bulbs as needed

Replace all HVAC air filters

Clean shelves in pantry

Clean all refrigerators in kitchen, especially door seals and bottom shelf

Clean and sanitize triple sink

Correct electrical connections for wall outlets in bar/porch

Haul the temporary bar in the main room down to the construction dumpster  

Outdoors move pile of debris on lower level (NE corner of bulkhead) to construction dumpster, including heavy metal sign ‘box’ 

Move electrical wire to construction dumpsterMove boats out of the way for tree removal (pending confirmation of tree schedule) 

Pressure wash the rampPressure wash the porchClean/tidy the portion of the porch at the South end, where the new ‘pass-thru’ will be 

 Blow leaves off all parts of roof, clean out gutters 

 Replace electrical box in parking areaCut down sweet gum tree growing in gate enclosure  

Dock / powerboats  

Make a run to hazmat center on Commonwealth with some of the bad gasoline containers

Thanks Donna for putting together the list of items!

Special thanks from our Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 3/21/2018

Dear Friends,

    Get ready for a double-header at the Rudder Club this Friday night. Davie Boland is entering his eighties, so what better way to celebrate the beginning of a golden decade than a good old-fashioned birthday party. Davie is even donating the food, so come on down and help "Davie Start His Eighties". Combined with this is a Friday Little Sailors Night sponsored by Roseanne Vernon. Which means we will have something for all ages.


    This Saturday will be a club work day to get things whipped in to shape for an incredible 65th Mug Race. There is a good list of indoor and outdoor projects, which means plenty for everyone to get involved with. Also this weekend, we will be moving several boats, to allow the Tree Service to remove several problem trees the following Thursday. So saddle up on Saturday and hit the trail to the Rudder Club for a down home work party.

    A special thanks goes out to the people who keep the Rudder Club rolling along. As a narrow slice of time, just last Saturday, the list of people going above and beyond the call of duty was incredible. Kim Brew, Tommy Holland, and Kari Holland jumped in to run a great last race of the Spring Series. Dick Allsop was the consummate professional as PRO and scoring the series. Bill Frazier measured the wood needed for the catwalk on the new dock and then moved the aluminum ramp into position on the floating dock to make it safer. Vince Gubbini brushed gallons of Cool Deck on to the pool deck by himself to get it looking good. The list goes on and on, but you catch the drift. The club exists because of "members on a mission" who will not stop until they have made things better.

Thank you All.


    The Board of Governors is accepting resumes for a Club Manager to take over as Cheryl transitions out. We would like to find someone passionate about the Rudder Club, so members and their friends are hearing about it before we advertise to the general public. Everyone interested is encouraged to apply by sending a resume to the Rudder Club Office.  

See you this weekend,
Ben and Gia 

Update on Mug Race 2018

Things to know for the 65th Mug Race:


Activities at Crystal Cove Marina 131 Crystal Cove Dr, Palatka, Florida 32177

Friday  All activities in one place.

Park, setup, launch, dock, boats all day.

Late Registration  at Tiki Bar

BBQ dinner buffet  $15

Captains meeting  Tiki Bar

Entertainment 7:45pm to 10:30pm

Tiki Bar open 4:30 to 10:30pm

Crystal Cove Hotel rooms available for $64 reserved under Mug Race, 386-325-1055 Suggested.  If they run out of rooms a block of rooms are reserved at the Quality Inn in down town Palatka


Saturday morning  breakfast sandwich and Coffee $5, 

Launch boats and cat trax pickup on ramp

Starting line East of Crystal Cove marina, see NOR and SI for official start sequence



Activities at Rudder Club 8533 Malaga Av. Jacksonville, Fl 32244

Friday  trailer and vehicle drop off all day.  Vehicle parking outside the gate only.

Shuttle Bus to Palatka , make reservations  in on line store on Regatta Network



   shuttle Bus to Palatka.

After racing retrieve boats on Rudder Club ramp and docks.

Mug Race dinner served 6 to 10pm.

Beer tent open and entertainment on the porch.

Recommended rooms near the Rudder club is Best Western 4580 Collins Road Jacksonville, Fl 32244 phone 904-264-4466.


Sunday May 6, 2018 Breakfast 

Trophy presentation at 10:30a


Please make reservations for all food and bus service on the Regatta Network's on line store to allow us to serve you better. Food, beverage tickets, and apparel can also be purchased at each venue.


Larry Wagner

65th Mug Race Chairman

Adult Sail (Saturday and Sunday) - 3/17/2018 & 3/18/2018

River Series 2018 Series Scores (High Point)

Some pictures from Spring Series Finale - 3/17/2018 - And below is our club Leprechaun - Ken

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Saturday March 17, 2018 - Ken in the newly renovated Rudder Club Bar



    The River City Regatta was held this weekend with seven boats from the Rudder Club participating. Jim Maedel and crew ran great race and the collective appreciation of the participants and Rudder Club members in general goes out to them for a great time on the water. Despite the sometimes fickle wind and the diminished number of participants, due largely or entirely to Irma, Jim manage to fit in 3 races Saturday and 2 on Sunday with the second Sunday race squeezed in when Jim saw the breeze building south of the Buckman bridge and heading our way. The participants consisted of Three Flying Scots, (Oscar de la Torre and Karl Geiger; Al Graham and Tom Davis; Bill Frazier and Chris Gruel/Scott and Ethan Sundie) two Thistles (Larry and Connie Wagner; Young “Hot Shot” Michael and Paul and two Lasers (Ben and Gia Kuykendal) all from the club. The boats competed for bragging rights and the races were enthusiastic, good natured and competitive. The overall winner was Larry and Connie Wagner in their Thistle. Oscar de la Torre and Karl Geiger, took 1st place for the Flying Scots with Al Graham and Tom Davis running a close second. All of the participants finished all of the 5 races and had a great time on the water.


    As you all are aware, we are a member run club and it will take the combined effort of all club members to make this year’s Mug Race a success. The Rudder Club Board, its Officers and Larry Wagner as Mug Race chair have all been diligently working and planning to be ready for our most popular and well-known race. This is our opportunity to demonstrate how the sailors of a member owned and operated club turn adversity into opportunity. We are off to a running start and well ahead of other local clubs but we have a lot of work to do to be fully prepared. In the weeks leading up to the Mug Race it will take our combined effort to make our club a leader in the local sailing community with the benefit of top-notch facilities to relax and socialize when we choose not to be on the water.

    In closing, it is important to note the River City Regatta has traditionally been a signature race for the Rudder Club and this year’s limited turnout reflects the extensive damage suffered by all of the clubs on the St. Johns River south of the City of Jacksonville. The Rudder Club, like Epping Forest and the Florida Yacht Club, has been working diligently to rebuild our dock above the water line to withstand the high waters of future tropical storms and below the water line to withstand the ravages of marine organisms on the pilings which, over time, have equally devastating results. We have the 65th Annual Mug Race, the signature Rudder Club race, coming up May 5, 2018. 

- Submitted by Bill Frazier - 3/14/2018 


Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

Race 5

Some pictures from the River City Regatta - 3/10/2018 and 3/11/2018

The Club is planning a mini work day:

Saturday 3/17/2018 – the goal is to try to create a bill of materials for getting dock ready for mug race (measuring,  inspecting, attempting to move the big floating platform, etc…)

Upcoming Club Membership Work days (We are getting so close to restoration! Please come if you can):

Saturday 3/24/2018

Saturday 4/07/2018

Saturday 4/28/2018

It is almost Mug Race Time!

    The Rudder Club of Jacksonville is preparing to “WOW” you at the 65th Annual Mug Race.  Last year we improved your sailing apparel shopping with the on site Coral Reef store. We also provided transportation of the catamaran cat trax from Palatka to the Rudder Club.  This year we are moving the starting line approximately 3 miles north, east of Crystal Cove Marina, still in Palatka.


    All starting activities will be at Crystal Cove – parking, launching, docking, hotel rooms, late registration, skippers meeting, restaurant, cash bar, entertainment and shuttle bus service to the Rudder Club.  The restaurant at Crystal Cove Marina is offering a special smoked BBQ buffet dinner for $15 on Friday night before the competitors meeting and a breakfast sandwich with coffee for $5 before race time.Mention the Mug race when reserving a room at  Crystal Cove Resort 384-325-1055 for the $64 group rate. The  preregistration party at the RC will be April 21- pick up your packets and get in on the last day of early registration rates.  As in the past, the end of race party Saturday night, the “fantastic” Sunday breakfast, and trophy presentation will be at the Rudder Club. 

    Coral Reef Apparal will be at all 3 sites for all your apparel needs.  They will have Mug t-shirts, tech shirts, hats, and  name brands like Gill and other sailing apparel.Remember the free BBQ dinner at the halfway party compliments of  Bob Shannon and Green Cove Marina on Thursday, May 3rd.    Challenge all your friends with sailboats! Join us by logging on to the Rudder Club's web site,, and select the Mug Race link on the right side of the main page.  Registration is now open on the Regatta Network. Please buy your meal tickets on the storefront link so we can better serve you,  

 I hope to see you at this year's Mug Race - Larry Wagner - Chairman of the 65th Mug Race

Spring Work Day Saturday 24 March

A little club and grounds maintenance in preparation for the 
65th Mug Race

All members are invited to attend-- if you can't hold a rake or a paint brush, you can help prepare the lunch or ensure everyone is hydrated. This is our club!

Spring Series Results

 Junior Sailing Program
Sunday 8 April 2018 
starts at 1 pm
(more details on the Sailing page)


Adult Sailing Classes

    (more details on the Sailing Page)


Friday Happy Hour & Social Night

5 - 9  pm
Start the weekend with great fun, food and refreshments!



65th Annual MUG RACE

5 May 2018

Starts 8 am

Register here


Message from Vice Commodore - Ben Kuykendall - 08/02/2018