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The Mug Race is the world's longest river race, a challenging one-way course along the beautiful St. Johns River. The race begins in Palatka, FL and ends in Jacksonville just south of the Buckman I-295 Bridge. All entrants must have mast heights no greater than 44 feet in order to clear the Shands Bridge in Green Cove Springs. The race uses a Pursuit Start where each boat has a start time based on their rating. In essence, slower boats have a head start with the faster boats chasing them, all pursuing to cross the finish line first! There are more than 80 class trophies that will be awarded based on boat class and different categories including first all female crew to finish, first dinghy monohull to finish, and even one for the last boat to finish.

Chris Cordes is the 61st Mug Race Winner!


The full 61st Annual Mug Race brochure is available for download by clicking on the brochure cover image below. The brochure includes both the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. Please be patient as it is a large file and may take a while to load.



2014 Mug Race Results by Finish Time

2014 Mug Race Results by Class


Walter and Cindi Adams - Mug Race dinner
Dick Allsopp - Principal Race Officer
Rosemary Allsopp - tee shirts, pre-registration preparation, start boat, late registration
Tom Anderson (JSPS) - support boat
Dave Backus - mid-course gate
Vincent Barre - waterfront support
Wayne Beck - waterfront support, grounds preparation
Joni Berg - support boat
Barry and Sheila Bobek - finish boat
Wayne and Mary Bolla - beer tent
Kim Brew - boat preparation, waterfront supervisor
Rich Brew - boat preparation
B.J. Davis - late registration
Tom Davis - late registration and ratings
Oscar dela Torre - boat and equipment preparation
George Catalano: support boat
Steve Gill - tee shirt and ticket sales
Vince Gubbini - club preparation, ground / gate supervisor
Laurie Halvorsen - hospitality coordinator
Kathi Dye - hospitality/gate
Jon Hamilton - club preparation, late registration, start boat, support boat, scoring
Jill Haskell - Mug Race dinner
Paul Hellings - mid-course gate support boat
Jeanette Hoffman - finish boat
Tom Holland - waterfront support
Charlie Johns - pre-registration refreshments
Cindy Julian - cleanup
Jim Kurtzke - support boat, cleanup
Mary Kurtzke - support boat, Mug Race dinner
Kyle Long - waterfront support, ramp coordination
Jennifer Lyman - Mug Race dinner setup
Warren Keene - support boat
Denise and Dena Mannoia - Mug Race dinner
Gregg McGilloway - ground/gate supervisor
Lonnie Myler - pre-registration refreshments
Bud/Linda Newton (JSPS) - finish boat, tee shirt sales
Herb Nichols/Stephanie Gibbons - Mug Race dinner
Barbara Pipkin - pre-registration packet preparation
Ellen/Ken/Leah/Ashley Purdy - trophies
June/Hal/Kyle Runnfeldt - Mug Race breakfast
Angie Scott - grounds support, Mug Race dinner, tee shirt sales
Tommy/Corey Scott - support boat
Zach Selden - late registration
Rob Smith - support boat, cleanup
Mark/Karla Stark - pre-registration refreshments
Rose Stewart - hospitality support
Dee Stephens - Mug Race dinner ‘Executive Chef’
Lowell Stephens - grounds and clubhouse preparation
Hoss Thomas - club and grounds support
Laura/Chuck Toth - Mug Race breakfast and clubhouse preparation
Larry Wagner - breakfast and cleanup
Jeff Weber - mid-course gate support boat
Elaine and Steve Wilson - Mug Race breakfast
(A thousand apologies to those we have missed)

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