The Rudder Club of Jacksonville
8533 Malaga Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32244

No matter what your experience level, the Rudder Club's diverse membership and programs can meet virtually any need.

Could it be that you're a true beginner looking to learn to sail? We provide basic lessons on a regular basis.

Are you new to the Northeast Florida area, or within commuting distance, and looking to determine if sailing holds a long term interest for you? Are you unsure of what your first purchase should be? Association with Rudder Club members will allow you to crew on a variety of boats, gain hands on experience with true veterans and answer your own questions as you begin to learn to sail.

Are you a dedicated racer? If so, the Rudder club offers an extensive, year-round racing program of both formal and informal events.

Perhaps you are looking for a club membership that will provide camaraderie for the entire family. The club offers a junior sailing program for youth's ages 8 to 18, using a combination of classroom instruction and hands on experience in the club's fleet of small monohulls and catamarans. Members may participate for free, in regularly scheduled social events, use the outdoor swimming pool and the clubhouse complete with dressing rooms and hot showers. Facilities include picnic and children's play areas.

Every effort is made to ensure that membership is affordable. Membership initiation fee is $250 with a nominal monthly dues requirement. Young Adult memberships require a $133.75 initiation fee, and Junior and Non-resident memberships start at $26.75 initiation fee with greatly reduced monthly dues.

For an explanation of the types of memberships, see our Levels of Membership page.

Membership Information

 Membership Type: CharterYoung Adult  Junior Non-Resident
 Initiation Fee $250 $133.75 $26.75 $53.50
 Monthly Dues$89.57 $44.78 $70.16* $169.54 **
 Notes:Family Membership 
With Voting right
 Age 18-25 and Single.
No voting rights.
 * Per year, charged bi-annualy.
Ages 8-18.
No Voting rights.
No boat storage
 ** Per year, charged
Must live beyond 50 radius miles outside the club.
No Voting rights.