The Rudder Club
8533 Malaga Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32244

Here a a variety of videos of the Rudder Club and Mug Races and sailing. To post your own video, simply post your video to YouTube and send us the link!


River City Regatta | St. Johns River, Jacksonville 

St. Johns River Alliance



Mug race 1


How to Do Florida: Powered by the Wind



Scots and Lasers and Snipes... oh my!


Deb Fewell


River City Regatta | St. Johns River, Jacksonville

St. Johns River Alliance


2012 Mug Race

Mug Race 2015


SheriffJim Jackets

BartsGoPro - Mug Race 2013 - Hobie 21 Catamaran Sailing – GoPro


Mug Race May 2015

Christopher Harnois




  Frankenscot at the 2014 Mug Race

Amy Smith Linton

Mug Race 2010 - Hand Built Wooden Sail Boat!

Douglas J. O'Brien

GoPro Mug Race 2013 SuperCat 20

George Laibl


Mug Race 09 - Salsa Verde, a few tacks later



Bob and Dave Ingram Mug Race 2014 shortened

Bob Ingram


Mug Race 2013,Go Pro 3


Mug Race 2008




Mug Race 62nd 2015