The Rudder Club of Jacksonville
8533 Malaga Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32244

Dry Boat Storage on the Grounds

Dry Boat Storage is available to charter and young adult members. For non-resident members, storage is available on a limited basis.

The 2017 rate for storage is $34.05 a month, including sales tax. Apply for space by contacting the club office or contacting the Vice Commodore. Space on the lower level is limited to boats that can be moved by hand. There is a waiting list for the lower level.

When you remove your boat, or shift it to another space, you must inform the club office ( via email or in writing. Be aware! A spot that looks empty may have another member's boat that is only temporarily away. We ask that you put your name on the tongue of the boat trailer.

Don't leave your boat to get lonely - take it out and sail!

Dry Storage Agreement

Dry Storage Legal Terms