The Rudder Club of Jacksonville
8533 Malaga Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32244

Board of Directors

Thanks to those that volunteer time and resources keeping the Rudder Club afloat.

2017 Flag Officers and Board Members

  • Commodore, Rich Brew
  • Vice Commodore, Ben Kuykendall
  • Rear Commodore, Tom Davis
  • Treasurer, Donna Mohr
  • Secretary, Kenneth Purdy
  • Board Member, Wayne Beck
  • Board Member, Davie Boland
  • Board Member, Chris Cordes
  • Board Member, Bill Frazier
  • Board Member, Jim Julian
  • Board Member, Rick Mannoia
  • Board Member, Lowell Stephens
  • Board Member, Larry Wagner
  • Board Member/Past Commodore, Jim Maedel

From Left: Commodore Rich Brew, Vice Commodore Ben Kuykendall, Rear Commodore Tom Davis, Treasurer Donna Mohr, Secretary Ken Purdy. Back Row: Emcee Richard Allsopp