The Rudder Club of Jacksonville
8533 Malaga Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32244

2018 Flag Officers and Board of Directors

  • Commodore, Rich Brew
  • Vice Commodore, Ben Kuykendall
  • Rear Commodore, Tom Davis
  • Treasurer, Donna Mohr
  • Secretary, Christopher Gruel
  • Board Member, James Sexton
  • Board Member, Tom Holland
  • Board Member, Chris Cordes
  • Board Member, Greg McGilloway
  • Board Member, Stephen Michaels
  • Board Member, Rick Mannoia
  • Board Member, William Frazier
  • Board Member, Larry Wagner
  • Board Member/Past Commodore, Jim Maedel

Race Officer: Richard Allsopp

Mug Race Chairman: Larry Wagner
Adult Sailing Instructor: William Boudreaux
Sailing Camp Director: Shannon Brew