The Rudder Club of Jacksonville
8533 Malaga Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32244

Rudder Club Racing Calendar 2018

The Mug Race 4-6 May 2018

The Mug Race is restricted to boats with a mast height of 44 feet or less measured from the water line to the mast tip or the highest attachment on the mast while the boat is in a normal-upright, unheeled position.

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are available on the Regatta Network Event Web site at

The Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 46, require that every boat have on board a "Person in Charge." Please enter that name and that name only in the registration box for "Skipper." Additional owners/skippers can be listed in the "Additional Skippers/Owners" field. Names should be separated by commas. If multiple skipers are entered in the first field, the first name entered will be shown as the person in charge.

Event Date Registration Instructions  Notice of Race Results
Hangover Race Monday 1 January  2018  
Spring Series #1 Saturday 20 January 2018 Register hereInstructions
Spring Series #2 Sunday 28 January 2018 Register here   Instructions NOR   
Spring Series #3 Saturday 10 February 2018 Register here   Instructions  NOR  
Spring Series #4 Saturday 24 February 2018  Register here Instructions   NOR  
Spring Series #5 Sunday 4 March 2018  Register here  Instructions  NOR  
River City Regatta Sat/Sun 10 & 11 Mar 2018  Register Here  Instructions    
Spring Series #6 Saturday 17 March 2018 Register Here   Instructions  NOR   
MUG Race Saturday 5 May 2018        
Beer Can Racing Saturday 9 June 2018        
Beer Can Racing Saturday 23 June 2018        
Beer Can Racing Saturday 14 July 2018        
Beer Can Racing Saturday 28 July 2018        
Moonlight Race Saturday 4 August 2018        
Beer Can Racing Saturday 11 August 2018        
Beer Can Racing Saturday 25 August 2018        
Labor Day Regatta O.D. & Portsmouth Sat/Sunday  1 & 2 Sept 2018        
Labor Day Regatta PHRF Saturday 8 Sept 2018        
Fall Series #1 Saturday 15 Sept 2018  Register here  Instructions  NOR  
Fall Series #2 Saturday 29 Sept 2018 Register here   Instructions  NOR  
Fall Series #3 Saturday 6 October 2018  Register here  Instructions  NOR  
Fall Series #4 Saturday 20 October 2018 Register here   Instructions  NOR  
Women On Water Regatta Saturday 3 November 2018        
Fall Series #5 Sunday 11 November 2018  Register here  Instructions  NOR  
Fall Series #6 Saturday 18 November 2018  Register here  Instructions  NOR  
Gator Bowl Regatta O.D. & Portsmouth Sat/Sun 1 & 2 December 2018        
Gator Bowl Regatta PHRF Saturday 8 December 2018